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Get the luxurious velvet Brazilian butt lift pillow

That lets you sit comfortably anywhere

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Contours To Your Body

Magical Memory Foam + Velvety Exterior

Sleek and beautiful

Light Weight and Easy To Wash

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*Trusted by BBL Post-Op Patients For Best Surgery Results and Comfortability

Forget about not sitting comfortably for 2-3 weeks after your bbl surgery!

You Can Sit Comfortably And Relax Anywhere With YesIndeed's BBL Recovery Pillow.

Everyday people are recovering from Brazilian Butt Lift surgeries, struggling to sit down without pain. This does NOT need to be your experience! With YesIndeed's BBL Recovery Pillow, you can recover with comfortability and peace of mind knowing your results will be incredible.

Sit Down Comfortably and Safely

  • Rounded divots provide comfort
  • Pressure is transferred from glutes to thighs
  • Protects glute area while it heals
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We've got
your backside!

Advantage Of Luxurious and Comfortable BBL Recovery Pillow

  • Promotes Best BBL
    Post-Surgery Results

    By moving the pressure away from the glutes to the thighs, the BBL Recovery Pillow helps your recovery process.

  • Gives You Comfort And Safety

    It is a common misconception that you need to wait 2-3 weeks to sit comfortably after BBL surgery. With YesIndeed's BBL Recovery Pillow, you can sit safely anywhere and protect surgery results.

  • Eases your mind post-surgery

    Provides confidence after surgery, knowing you are getting the best, doctor-recommended product for your glutes to help support you while you drive, fly or sit down to relax.

  • Provides Firm Support

    YesIndeed's BBL Recovery Pillow combines firm and comfortable support, as it holds up to 100 kilos/220lbs.

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We Have Got Your Backside

Specialties Of The BBL Recovery Pillow
Created to provide you with a luxuriously comfortable experience post-surgery so you can sit down anywhere.

Available in three colors

Get the luxurious velvet brazilian butt lift pillow

"The best BBL Pillow after a Brazillian Butt Lift(9.8/10)"

"Yesindeed Brazillian Butt Lift Pillow is our top choice for best BBL pillow because it is topped with memory foam and velvet cover and has a lifetime warranty."

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30 days money back guarantee + Fast Shipping Guarantee

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We want you to know that we care about your BBL results and want to provide you with the most comfortable experience post-surgery.We provide a 30-day money back guarantee to make sure you are happy with your BBL Recovery Pillow.

Fast Shipping Available

We Keep Our Promises!

Gilad B

Strong and Comfortable

"This pillow helps so much!! Pain after surgery is much better with this one! I have another pillow but it can't even compare! This one is amazing."

Jasmine R

It's Amazing!

"I have been using this pillow for 4 months now. Still sturdy and holds up well! I would definitely recommend it."

The Hous of Fashion

My Doctor Recommended

"This is a very comfortable and pleasant butt lift pillow. My doctor recommended me to buy this, and it was a really good recommendation. Very happy with this purchase."


The Best BBL pillow in the Market

"My doctor recommended me to buy this specific brand, It's really comfortable and I feel very good after the surgery. The cover can be removed, so i can wash it very easily. This is the best BBL pillow in the market."