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Smart weighted hula hoop



Fun and effective way of working out while burning up to 800 calories per hour and works about 30 muscles in and around your body’s core - Size: 33.1 inches or 84 cm waist

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I love it. If I use it 30 plus minutes at a time I can really feel it is working mostly in my inner thighs, stomach and back. I'm glad I went ahead and bought this. It's an easy way to get your heart rate up and sweat without killing yourself.

Lauren C. - Hula Hoop Customer

regular people,  real results

FORGET THE  boring workout! 

Burn calories while you watch your favorite show, read an amazing book or listen to some music!

What makes the Smart Adjustable Hula Hoop different?

Unlike traditional Hula Hoops, Yesindeed’s weighted hula hoop adds just enough resistance to help you burn calories quicker than ever WHILE having a good time. This hula hoop helps you burn calories 2-3 times faster than a traditional hula hoop!




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Save Time, Burn Calories!

Enjoy a luxurious and fun workout with the Smart Adjustable Hula Hoop as it burns800 calories per hour! Never worry about a boring workout again!

Have FUN While You Workout!

It’s proven that boring workouts don’t motivate us to exercise consistently. Make sure you invest in the Smart Adjustable Hula Hoop so you’ll never worry about a boring workout again!

work out in Style

With a choice of four different colors, have fun while you work out in style with Yesindeed’s Smart Adjustable Hula Hoop. Grab your favorite colored hula hoop today!

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